Marriage Equality Result

Marriage Equality Result

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Yesterday’s result is especially fascinating on a number of counts, and i am sure much will be written in the coming day. My comments are as follows:

Firstly, it’s a strong victory for equality and inclusion; other progressive causes will be considering this carefully. For Indigenous recognition, I think it is significant step forward and opportunity to build on.

For Tony Abbott it is a massive slap down and Turnbull must be relishing that;  Turnbull must also be enjoying opportunity to show leadership.  However both his (and Cormann’s) fidgetting prior to the meeting portrayed a message of nervousness, not confidence.

The faith based anti campaigners will lick their wounds and fight on. One would hope that they take time to reflect on their role in a modern secular democracy. the Wilcox cartoon says it all.

Furthermore, that old word ‘assimilate’ pops up yet again. We need to smack it down (see below)
‘So white ppls who voted no is free speech, religious freedom, and democracy in action but migrants who voted no is failure to assimilate? Cool. Got it. Good work, Australia. From homophobia to racism in 0.3sec, that must be a new record!’

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Stephen Hall
Stephen Hall
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